Paid Ideology Expansion Prepared for RimWorld

Studio Ludeon is preparing another major update to its RimWorld story generator. And it is divided into two parts: the Ideology Paid Supplement and the 1. 3.

Free Patch Ideology will add an ideology: a belief and belief system to the game. The colonists will be able to choose gods, perform rituals and even worship totem animals or trees.

Cannibals, transhumanists, cowboys technoravers, nudists and a wide variety of others will be able to settle in our colony. worldviews.

In addition, the game will feature dryads that engage in symbiosis with special trees, and the ability to hack space drones. Free 1.

3 update brings paddies to the game. Animals will no longer wander around their allocated areas, they can be driven into a paddock, which increases their productivity.

And enemies attacking the colony will be able to break the walls. Ideology and Patch 1.

3 should be in play in the next few weeks. Until that time, the developers promise to give a number of details.

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