Painful Eredivisie record Van Beek

The degradation concerns of Willem II have not disappeared after the visit De Tricolores made to FC Utrecht on Saturday. The team of the absent trainer Zeljko Petrovic had to leave the points in De Galgenwaard and saw Sven van Beek unwittingly write Eredivisie history.
Willem II saw Petrovic drop out with a hernia and could not have club top scorer Vangelis Pavlidis: the not quite fit Greek had stepped into the player bus, but was only able to participate in the absolute final phase. To make it worse, the first one flew directly into the best chance for the home team. Django Warmerdam came through on the left and found Sander van de Verstreek, who checked nicely and found the far corner: 1-0 after four minutes.
Both teams seemed to be able to visit the dressing rooms with the same stand three quarters of an hour later. Apart from a few penaltyclaims over and over again and a chance for Gyrano Church little happened. However, in the injury time of the first half it was Van Beek, who took a little enviable Eredivision record: the central defender surfaced teammate Arijanet Muric after a corner and made the seventh (!) own goal in his career, more than any other Eredivision player ever.
However, William II did not let himself out of the field by that setback and went after rest on the hunt for the connection hit. Van Beeks defensive partner Sebastian Holmรฉn found the same goal with his head and turned it into a match again: 2-1. Ten minutes later church seemed to decide the game, after passing Muric in the short corner, but the guests from Tilburg showed resilience again. Willem II unsuccessfully claimed a penalty after an alleged offense on Mike Trรฉsor, but made it exciting again eight minutes before after a German combination: Mats Kรถhlert found Derrick Kรถhn and after his first move Kwasi Wriedt gave the last push.
Pavlidis entered the lines as a battering ram and Willem II got six minutes extra time to bring a hard-fought point to Tilburg. Number six FC Utrecht, however, did not allow any more opportunities, seemed to score through Kerk, but crossed the 3-2 and is already sure of the play-offs for European football. For Willem II, the prospect of the other playoffs threatens: number sixteen FC Emmen is at one point away and plays against Ajax on Sunday.

7 – Sven van Beek has now scored seven own goals in the Eredivisie, more than any other player in the history of the competition. Unlucky.
โ€” OptaJohan (@OptaJohan) May 1, 2021