Painting but part of Da Vinci

Two American researchers argue that part of the painting Salvator Mundi was clearly not painted by Leonardo da Vinci himself. The research is published in The Art Newspaper.

Computer scientist Steven Frank and his wife, art historian Andrea Frank, made a detailed analysis of the artwork, based on neural networks and algorithms of recognition. The couple came to the conclusion that the head and shoulders were made by Leonardo da Vinci himself, but that the raised right hand and the right arm underneath were painted by others, presumably by the pupils of the old master. It is precisely that raised right hand with which Christ blesses that is so characteristic of the painting.

There has been a discussion about whether the painting was made by the famous Renaissance artist. If the findings of the two American scientists were correct, the work that Christ represents as the savior of the world would be worth much less.

The oil painting from around 1500 was auctioned in 2017 at the international auction house Christies for a record price of 450 million dollars. Never before has a work of art been sold at such a high price. The buyer of the painting remained anonymous, but it is allegedly in the hands of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who would have hung it in one of his yachts.