Pakistani cop kills man with cleaver because of blasphemy

A Pakistani agent killed a man with a cleaver because of blasphemy allegations, police announced Saturday. He killed the man, Waqas Ahmed, years after the court acquitted the victim of the charges. Ahmed posted the verdicted statements about the Prophet Muhammad in 2016 on Facebook.

The policeman, Abdul Qadir, could not find himself in the verdict and attacked Ahmed in the city of Rahim Yar Khan, in Punjab Province on Friday. โ€œHe has been planning to kill him since 2016 because of allegations that he did not respect Prophet Muhammad,โ€ police officer Rana Muhammad Ashraf told AFP.

A police spokesperson confirmed the incident and added that the victim‘s brother was also injured in the attack. โ€œThe agent voluntarily surrendered himself to the police,โ€ the police said. The attacker and victims belong to the same tribe and live in the same village. It is investigated if they had any personal enmity.


Blasphemy is a highly sensitive subject in ultra-conservative Pakistan where people can get the death penalty if they have offended Islam or Islamic figures. Only blasphemy allegations are already explosive and often lead to raging protests in the Islamic Republic.

The country’s strict blasphemy laws are also deployed against religious minorities, including the Christian community. Critics claim that they are often abused to settle personal accounts.