Palestinians are not allowed to vote yet

President Mahmoud Abbas postponed the Palestinian parliamentary elections, which were to be held for the first time in 15 years next month.

As a reason, he argued with Israel on Thursday night over the polls in occupied East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians see as their future capital.

Israel would have informed Abbas that it was not yet able to decide whether it could continue there because there is an interim government. The Palestinian president calls that โ€œnonsense.โ€


Analysts point out that the postponement is very convenient for the 85-year-old Abbas: his Fatah is far behind in the polls. Two months after the parliamentary elections, a new President would also be elected. The Palestinian people have had it all with the old, corruption cabal around Abbas.

Israel is bracing itself for an outburst of violence after the announcement. Hamas is furious at the rejection of the elections, in which she would probably have come out as a big winner. The terrorist organisation blames Israel in particular, but it is also dissatisfied with Abbas.

Abbas also


violence as the Palestinian people still cannot go to the polls. He has instructed his security forces to prepare for unrest in the West Bank.

Israel annexed East Jerusalem 40 years ago, which is considered occupied by the vast majority of the international community. It has been agreed in the past that a symbolic number of 6300 Palestinians can vote in the city, the rest should do so just outside of it.


the beginning of this year, the Palestinian President announced quite unexpectedly elections, probably to take a stand with Joe Biden. The US President has already announced that he will resume the flow of aid to the Palestinians, which was stopped by his predecessor.