Palworld will have a lot of ways to use tame creatures

The Pocket Pair studio, known for the Craftopia sandbox, announced their new project. It is a multiplayer craft survivalist in the open world of Palworld. We will release it in the RS in 2022.

In Palworld we will find ourselves in a world populated by cute creatures, palas. They are very reminiscent of Pokémon, and they can also be tamed in huge quantities.

Palov – many uses. With their help it is easier to travel and fish, they can be sent to work in farms and factories.

The Palas will participate in battles with poachers, sacrificing their lives for the master. They are even sometimes slaughtered for food – although the law does not welcome such treatment.

However, it is illegal only what they catch on. Due to a lot of peculiar ways of handling in tame animals, the game Palworld has already been nicknamed Pokémon with guns.

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