Pangeon to be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Pangeons single bagel publishing house Ultimate Games released on Steam on March 30. The game received mixed reviews, and many players accused it of being dampness. But work on Pangeon continued, and on July 17 Bagel released on Nintendo Switch.

Now the publishers announced that on November 4 the game will be released on Xbox One. Its main features were told in the trailer: players will have to conquer a dungeon with unfriendly pixel inhabitants, and for this purpose four classic roles: warrior, archer, magician and Those who want to get acquainted with the game on PlayStation 4 will have to wait until 2021: the game will be released in the first half of the year on Sony console.

In the meantime, Pangeon can be bought at a discount: until October 31 in the Nintendo store the game costs 224 rubles, and on Steam until November 2 it is sold for only 25 rubles. More on CCeit Darkness and Monsters in the story teaser In Sound Mind Early Access Everspace 2 postponed due to the transfer of Cyberpunk 2077 Square Enix began telling stories of Balan Wonderworld.