‘Paper House’ authors revealed teaser of new crime series

The authors of Paper House demonstrated the debut video of their new crime series Red Dermantine (Sky Rojo) for Netflix. The plot of the project tells about three prostitutes who escape from their pimp in immense danger. However, the difficulty is that the heroines have committed a number of crimes themselves, so they cannot seek help from the police.

Therefore, they have only one way out – to run further, trying to find a way out of the situation on their own. The project will premiere on Netflix on March 19 — so far two seasons of eight episodes are scheduled.

The timekeeping of each should be approximately 25 minutes. More on CCeit Desperados III, The Medium, Yakuza 3-5: Next New Xbox Game Pass Team Ninja has no plans for a new Ninja Gaiden, and Niohs story is completed by Kingdoms of Amalur: Re- Reckoning to reach Nintendo Switch in March.