Paradox froze support for Imperator: Rome

Paradox announced the freezing of production of Imperator: Rome – the measure is called temporary, because the publisher needs to focus on other projects. The PDS studio, which employs about 150 people, was divided into three teams – each of them will support existing and create new games, some of which will be presented at PDXCon. Each division was even given a name: PDS Green โ€” headed by Stellaris PDS Red โ€” heads Crusader Kings 3 PDS Gold โ€” heads Hearts of Iron 4.

During restructuring had to put โ€œon the shelfโ€ Imperator: Rome – this year new content on the global strategy is definitely not to expect. โ€œWe are now considering plans to rebuild the team for Imperator: Rome and resume production, but we need to focus on other projects in the short term.

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