Paradox Interactives New CEO Apologizes for Inappropriate Behavior in 2018

Fredrik Wester, who recently returned as chief executive of Paradox Interactive, expressed regret for โ€œinappropriate behaviorโ€ at a meeting in 2018. Vester probably wants to immediately dispel any rumors about a recent discrimination incident. The supervisor does not report what specifically happened during that meeting in 2018.

Inappropriate behaviour is known to have been directed at one member of staff. Vester notes that he immediately gave the victim a sincere apology.

โ€œI am truly sorry for inconveniencing the person nearby and the damage caused to him. I will continue to improve not only my behavior, but also the work environment both in Paradox and in the industry as a whole.

โ€ Wester assured that he was seeking professional help in order to revise your behavior and understand how it affects others. He is currently removing his authority to consider allegations of such incidents if they occur in the future.

According to Vester, the 2018 incident had nothing to do with his resignation, which occurred in the same year. More on Gamemania Many users have already chosen It Takes Two as their Game of the Year โ€œMay the Way to the Undersurface Open! โ€: new trailer for Diablo II: Resurrected Dataminer revealed characters who were cut from Red Dead Redemption 2.