Paradox strategies proved more popular than Civilization and Total War

On Reddit, it was noticed that Paradox Interactive strategies were generally more popular than the Civilization and Total War series. Reddit user under the nickname Beneficial_Energy829 posted an interesting one statistics that compiled charts of daily player peaks in Paradox Interactive, Civilization and Total War since 2013. It seems that Paradox Interactive was able to break into the lead in 2020 year, and then dropped again in early 2021.

If you look at each series individually, the following can be noticed: Sid Meiers Civilization VI took three years to get past Civilization V in terms of player count; Total War: & Warhammer II is the most popular game in the series, but in 2020, Total War: Three Kingdoms was the leader at one point; Paradox Interactive previously mentioned that one of the companys most popular games is Hearts of Iron IV. By the end of 2020, Crusader Kings saw a big jump in popularity.

Europa Universalis IV also grows the number of players, and the list of Stellaris closes. In addition, it was reported that Paradox Interactive canceled several unannounced projects and decided to focus forces on โ€œproven game series and projects that better meet the companys profit and risk requirementsโ€ .

Executive Director Fredrik Wester, who took up the post most recently, noted that the โ€œproven gamesโ€ are precisely strategies. The company is now known to be working on 15 projects, four of which have already been officially announced: Victoria 3, console versions of Crusader Kings 3 and Shadowrun Trilogy, as well as Vampire: The Masquerade โ€” Bloodlines 2.

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