Paraguayan Prosecutor Who Battled Drug Mafia Killed in Colombia

Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci was murdered in Colombia. Together with his wife, the Paraguayan journalist Claudia Aguilera, he honeymooned on an island near the northern city of Cartagena. Earlier in the day, Aguilera had announced on Instagram that she was pregnant.

The two shooters arrived on jet skis. Pecci and his wife were lying on a private beach next to their hotel. They had surveillance. Only Pecci was hit, his wife and guards remained unharmed. According to Aguilera, there were no known threats to her husband.

As a prosecutor, Pecci mainly fought against organized crime and specialized in money laundering and drug cases. He led the investigation into the murder of a governor‘s daughter and Operativo A Ultranza PY, Paraguay’s largest drug smuggling investigation ever. Pecci also continued Brazilian former footballer Ronaldinho. He, together with his brother, was jailed in Paraguay for almost half a year in 2020 because they had entered the country with forged papers.

โ€œAll Paraguay is mourningโ€

In Paraguay, Pecci is known as one of the few honest prosecutors. Corruption is a major problem in the country, which is one of the largest producers of cannabis and one of the main ports of transit of Bolivian cocaine to Europe. Rotterdam is an important destination here.

The Paraguayan police travel to the scene of the crime to cooperate in the investigation into the murder. Colombia has also asked the United States to help with the investigation.

President Duque of Colombia and President Abdo of Paraguay reacted to the murder in horror. โ€œThe whole of Paraguay is mourning this cowardly murder,โ€ said Abdo. โ€œWe condemn this tragic event in the strongest terms and redouble our commitment to fighting organized crime.โ€