Parents disappeared Maddie keep hope, but this year its particularly painful

The parents of Madeleine (โ€œMaddieโ€) McCann, who disappeared in Portugal in 2007, reflect on their website their daughter, who would turn 18 on May 12. They call it particularly painful this year, they write on the Find Madeleine site, fourteen years after the mysterious disappearance during a holiday.

โ€œ Every May is difficult, a reminder of past years, of common years, lost or stolen. This year it is particularly painful because we would celebrate Madeleines eighteenth birthday,โ€ writes Kate and Gerry McCann. They still havent given up hope of a reunion. โ€œWe cling to the hope, however small it may be, that we will see Madeleine again.โ€

The daughter disappeared shortly before her 4th birthday from the holiday apartment her parents had rented in Praia da Luz in the Algarve. The couple was down the street eating with friends. Since then, every trace is missing. A German suspect who is serving a prison sentence in another case in Germany has not yet been charged.

Still a lot of questions

. Maddies parents thank the authorities who continue the investigation, despite the coronapandemic. โ€œAs we have often said, we need to know what happened to our dear daughter, whatever it is.โ€