Parents get cell and community service for days tied up son

The court in Groningen sentenced a couple from Leek to prison and task sentences for tying their son to a chair. The 17-year-old boy was in prison for two days and two nights in August 2019. The imprisonment is almost entirely on probation.

The father (50) was sentenced to 272 days in prison, 270 of which were parole. The unconditional part has put the man in custody. In addition, he was given a community service of 240 hours. The mother (40) is sentenced to 182 days, 180 of which are conditional, plus 200 hours community service. She, too, has been in prison for two days.

The verdict is almost equal to the demand of the Public Prosecutors Office. The prosecution didnt take the unconditional part of the prison sentences.


The court believes the story of the son, who declared that he was trapped with tie wraps. His father hit him with a rod and pricked the boy with a screwdriver. Occasionally he was allowed to go to the toilet or take a shower. The boy would have been in prison for about 26 hours. According to the parents, they had him tied up because he was under the influence of drugs and behaved aggressively.

The couple also have a daughter. Both children are running talents and were coached by the father at the time. The mother made day schedules. The father is also convicted of giving a knee to his sons head after a workout.

Completely unjustified

The judge considers the behaviour of the parents โ€œcompletely unjustifiedโ€ and had found an unconditional imprisonment appropriate. However, the court does not accept this, partly because the parents are less incapable of imputability. The father has a personality disorder with narcissistic traits, the mother has a dependency disorder. The probability of recurrence, according to experts, is high. The judge also says the boy wants to get back in touch with his parents. He lives somewhere else now.

As conditions for imprisonment, the judge imposes a duty to notify the parole officer and outpatient treatment.