Parents hire students to work quietly

Many parents find it difficult to work at home at this time, and also help their children with schoolwork. Therefore, more and more often parents come up with smart solutions so that they can work quietly.

That‘s how some parents make a kind of mini-school together. There are also parents who hire a student to help children with school work.

Neighborhood School

In Rotterdam, 9 children gather in a community centre. They’re being taught by two parents. The parents alternate each other every day. The children are happy with that, because at home it is harder to work well.

They also have such a solution in Vlissingen. The parents of Tjeerd, Pepijn and Joppe have handled things differently. They hire a student to explain to the children. Joppe is happy about that.

The parents in the video understand that not everyone can afford these kinds of solutions. That is why they hope that the primary schools will be reopened soon so that all children will be well helped.