Paris Mayor runs for French presidential election

Anne Hidalgo, the socialist mayor of Paris, has officially run for the French presidential election of 2022.

Hidalgo announced her candidacy in the town of Rouen, Normandy. โ€œKnowing the problems of our time and wanting to offer hope, I have decided to run for the presidency,โ€ Hidalgo said. She says she wants to be committed to a green economy, re-industrialization of slumbered industrial regions and better education.

According to various media outlets, Hidalgos strategic choice was to opt for Rouen for its communication. She wants to show that she is not just a candidate for the Parisians. Moreover, Rouen is a city dedicated to sustainability and greening, exactly the themes that are important to Hidalgo as well.

Green Mayor

62-year-old Hidalgo has been Mayor of Paris since 2014. She is known as a left-wing, and more particularly a green mayor. Under her leadership, for example, the maximum speed limit in the capital was reduced to 30 kilometers per hour.


s last socialist president was Franรงois Hollande, who was very unpopular at his resignation in 2017. After his presidency, the Socialist Party suffered a significant defeat in parliamentary elections. The left-wing parties in France are also strongly divided. Hidalgo, like Hollande member of the Parti Socialiste, may be able to connect to links.

Savior from Left

โ€œHidalgo is often set up as the hope of divided left, someone who can unite the parties,โ€ states France correspondent Eline Huisman. โ€œBut if you look at the polls, its gonna be tricky.โ€ According to the latest polls, which were held for Hidalgos announcement, she would draw about 8 percent of voters.

โ€œA few months ago, there were many votes on the left to come up with one candidate,โ€ says Huisman. โ€œBut that doesnt seem to happen for the time being. In addition to Hidalgo for the Parti Socialiste, other left-wing parties have presented their own candidate, or will do so in the coming weeks in internal candidate elections.โ€

Le Pen

Today, the right-wing populist Marine Le Pen started its campaign. In Frรฉjus, she said she wanted to defend โ€œFrench freedomโ€. The current president, Emmanuel Macron, has not yet officially announced his participation in the presidential election, but he is expected to take part as well.

The first round of the presidential election will take place on 10 April next year.