Paris mega trial attacks started, verdict expected at the end of May

In France, the mega-trial on the attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015 has begun. Terrorists then created a massacre in different places in the capital. 130 people were killed and nearly 500 people were injured. Terror movement IS claimed responsibility for the attacks on.

There are twenty suspects who have to answer, among them the only surviving perpetrator Salah Abdeslam. They are all suspected of participating in a terrorist organization and complicity in the attacks. There were ten perpetrators, nine of them were killed by police bullets or blow themselves up at the time. Abdeslam was able to escape to Belgium. There he was arrested in March 2016.

The trial is about nine months, the verdict is expected at the end of May. About 1800 survivors and survivors, of about twenty different nationalities, have registered as civil parties. More than 300 lawyers are working on the trial. The case will be handled without a jury, there are only judges. The criminal record has about a million pages. More than a hundred witnesses are heard, including President Hollande at the time.

For the matter, a special meeting room was built for 8 million euros in the old Palais de Justice, on the รŽle de la Citรฉ, in the heart of the French capital. The entire area has been hermetically sealed for fear of new attacks during the trial.

Anyone wishing to enter the area around the courtroom must show a special pass:

The deadliest attack in France since World War II killed 130. In 2017, a survivor with PTSD committed suicide in a psychiatric facility. That is why 131 fatalities are also mentioned.

A total of 493 people were injured, figures from a parliamentary committee of inquiry showed. That number is questioned because it is only about people with physical injuries.

Take a look back at the attacks by IS terrorists in Paris on November 13, 2015: