Parisian protesters invade shopping mall to protest against coronapas

Another chaotic Saturday in Paris. Thousands of French people were on their feet against President Emmanuel Macrons coronavirus policy. In other places, protesters took to the streets as well. After disturbances, 21 people were arrested. An agent was injured, French media reports on authority of the Home Office.

Hundreds of protesters entered a shopping centre in Paris, the Westfield Forum des Halles. The ME didnt keep them out, can be seen on social media footage. In order to enter shopping malls, French people must have a pass sanitary, the health pass created by Macron to prove that they have been vaccinated, cured or tested negative for corona. The compulsory vaccination for healthcare staff also causes a lot of resentment.

As in previous demonstrations, protesters in Paris walked on a march towards the Place de la Bastille. The police fired tear gas there. Two hundred demonstrations would have been held throughout France, including Marseille, Nice, Toulon and Lille. Some activists wore yellow vests, out of solidarity with the protest movement that emerged before the corona crisis.

“Were here, even though Macron doesnt want us,” was one of the protest slogans besides liberté (freedom). It is the eighth straight Saturday that there is massive objection to the French corona pass. The rise of 142,000 participants, of whom more than 18,000 in Paris, seems to confirm a declining trend. Last weeks more than 200 protest marches counted 160,000 protesters, 15,000 less than the previous week. It was tens of thousands more the weeks before.

More than six out of ten residents of France have now been fully vaccinated, according to the Ministry of Health.