Parisian stores with air conditioning on must keep doors closed

Paris stores will have to close their doors from Monday when they have the air conditioning on. It is forbidden to open the doors to the public by default, because it wastes too much energy.

โ€œOpen doors are not normal in a climate and energy crisis,โ€ said Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo. It introduces the measure by decree and the new door policy will apply to all more than 60,000 stores in the French capital. Retailers who do not participate can be fined 150 euros.

In doing so, Paris is responding to a call from President Macron. It wants energy consumption to be reduced by 10 percent over the next two years. This is intended to achieve the climate targets, but also out of fear: the energy supply may be jeopardized in the near future due to the war in Ukraine.

โ€œAs a whole country, we need to reduce our energy consumption,โ€ President Macron said this month. โ€œWhy leave the lights on somewhere in the evening when it can also be turned off? We‘re going to ask all French people to participate. We need to waste less.โ€

On vacation? Wi-Fi off!

The government has held consultations with governments, companies and shopping centers and supermarkets in three rounds. Various initiatives were discussed there. In government buildings, for example, the air conditioning is only allowed when it is warmer than 26 degrees. Supermarkets should no longer be allowed to use open refrigerated display cases. Shopping centers want to illuminate shop windows and car parks for less time.

Individuals also need to make a splash. โ€œIt’s about small gestures,โ€ said government spokesman Olivier Vรฉran. โ€œWhen you go on vacation, unplug all the plugs and turn off your Wi-Fi.โ€

Environmental organizations have responded positively, but they do blame the government for not having a stick behind the door if companies or municipalities do nothing. There will be no sanctions for the time being. This is a deliberate policy of the government, which hopes that everyone will take action themselves.

The decision of the capital Paris to tackle air conditioning waste now has an important symbolic value. The city is not the first. Some smaller cities, as well as Lyon, have already decided in recent weeks to force air-conditioned stores to keep their doors closed.