Parliament Japan elects Fumio Kishida Prime Minister, Spearhead Becomes Economy Recovery

Japans Parliament has elected Fumio Kishida as the new prime minister. He will be sworn in later today. It was already clear that Kishida would become the new prime minister; he was elected leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, the largest group in parliament last week.

Kishida (64) has a lot of experience in politics. He first entered parliament in 1993 and served as Foreign Minister from 2012 to 2017.

Eighteen new ministers are also appointed today, including three women. Only two ministers in the current cabinet return.

Recovery economy spearhead

Kishida succeeds Yoshihide Suga, who leaves after a little year. Suga lost a lot of support due to his approach to the corona crisis and for sticking to organizing the Tokyo Olympics. Many Japanese found it irresponsible to allow the event to continue in corona time.

The new prime minister said last week that economic recovery is its spearhead for the time being. Early this year, the economy shrunk by 1.3 percent. Recovery is now happening, but the corona crisis still causes many companies to suffer losses.

North Korea Concerns

Kishida has also said that he wants to strengthen ties with other democracies in Asia and the United States, the European Union and Great Britain. According to him, only this can be counterbalanced to Chinas power.

Furthermore, Kishida wants to work with other countries because he is concerned about North Koreas nuclear programme. Last month, that country fired two ballistic missiles that landed in international waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

Prime Minister Suga called the firing of the missiles โ€œa disgrace and a threat to peace and securityโ€ of Japan and the region.