Parliamentary majority against corona pass in amateur sports, Rutte will ‘chew on it’

A majority of the House of Representatives seems to be turning against the deployment of the corona entry certificate in amateur sport. This is evident during the debate about the corona measures. Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte announced in a response that he will think again about the measure.

The cabinet wants sports organizations to check the corona entry certificate of athletes, the public and other visitors. It involves indoor and outdoor venues including gyms sports canteens, group classes, swimming, football and the like.

D66 and CDA point out that amateur sport provides problems with enforcement and normal access to sports practice. They want to know how the cabinet looks at that. The SP and PvdA even call the measure totally unfeasible.

GroenLinks MP Westerveld does not trust the intention of the measure. โ€œI want to know about the cabinet: is this a distraction maneuver so that we are talking about it all the time today and the cabinet can accommodate us? Or is this really a serious proposal?โ€


Prime Minister Rutte said in response to all objections that the cabinet is following the OMT opinion with the measure. Rutte: โ€œWe want as few exceptions as possible to make it as clear as possible, including for control and enforcement. Thats why we choose all sports venues and everyone over 18.โ€

PvdA MP Kuiken spoke on behalf of a large part of the House when she asked the cabinet to withdraw the measure for outdoor sports, both for visitors and for the athletes themselves. According to the political groups, the OMT advice was not so strict for outdoor sports. And the Security Council says enforcement is going to cause problems.

Rutte said he wanted to think about a weakening of the measure during the debate. โ€œI promise you, having heard all the objections, that I will chew it for a moment.โ€

See what outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and parties are saying about the plan to ask amateur athletes for a corona admission ticket here:

For the rest of the corona package that the cabinet presented yesterday is sufficient support. In any case VVD, CDA, D66, PvdA, Volt and fraction Den Haan agree to the plans.

The VVD questions the non-committality for healthcare staff to get vaccinated. MP De Vries: โ€œIt happens that people who are not vaccinated take care of our elderly and the vulnerable. How does the cabinet look at this?โ€

The PVV and the Van Haga Group call the extension of the corona admission certificate indirect coercion for people to get vaccinated. Wilders: โ€œHaving to get tested three times a week to be able to go to the gym, your childs football and a cafe is really too much.โ€

Sports clubs themselves reacted amazed and bewildered during the day, like this one in Haarlem:

Yesterday, the cabinet presented a mix of old and new corona measures to combat the surge in the number of infections and alleviate the pressure on care. Most measures will apply from Saturday.

The cabinet also announced measures for the future, such as the introduction of the corona entry certificate at work. The law must be amended to do so.

In addition to preparing for a change in the law for the corona pass at work, the cabinet is also working on the mandatory presentation of the corona pass in other places. โ€œIts about locations where many people meet daily, such as in non-essential stores,โ€ said outgoing minister De Jonge.

De Jonge mentioned the extension of measures specifically for villages and cities with a low vaccination rate and where the number of infections and hospitalizations is high. Whether there is support from a Parliamentary majority for these plans is not yet established.

The Parliamentary debate on the corona measures started around 3 pm and can be followed live via and NPO Politics.