Participant Belgian Farmer Seeking Woman attacked after he dumps farmers wife by phone

Just like in the Netherlands, Farmer Seeker Vriuw is also a very popular program in Belgium. And that participant Thibaut experienced quite the disadvantages. He was attacked because he rejected farmer Veerle on the phone.

It all seemed so beautiful, Veerle thought he found the man of her life in Thibaut. He had similar interests, had a t-shirt made with โ€œThibaut seeks Veerle โ€œand brought her breakfast to bed. The two were madly in love and were going to move in together. But then Thibaut got cold feet and dumped his girlfriend on the phone. โ€œSuddenly he called me up. To say he didnt feel good about it anymore. That he just missed that last bit of crush to make the move. I could hardly believe it,โ€ said Veerle earlier to Het Nieuwsblad.

But now it turns out that besides Veerle, a fan of the program did not thank him for his action. He was attacked, so Thibaut tells Dag All. It happened during his work as a security guard, but the attacker referred to โ€œhis cowardly actโ€ in the television program. Thibaut is also threatened by mail and e-mail; he has received more than 300 hate messages.

According to Thibaut, he and Veerle are respectful of each other and the farmer says he is there for him. โ€œSo much, I support him wherever I can.โ€