Participant Who is de Mol: context ‘gooks’ fell in the montage

Marije Knevel, one of the participants in the popular TV show Wie is de Mol, has responded to accusations of racism. Last night‘s broadcast showed how she and Charlotte Nijs made gooks while portraying music tracks, which had to be guessed by the participants in the game.

Social media responded to people who thought it was โ€œracistโ€ and โ€œnot of this time.โ€ Knevel writes on her Instagram page that during the recordings she said โ€œThis is really not possibleโ€ to a fellow candidate, while she herself turned her eyes to portray the song Gangnam Style.

โ€œ That part was killed in the assembly, leaving the context away, and the image of me doing this,โ€ she writes. โ€œWhat I know for sure is that no one meant this racist… it should never have been broadcast.โ€ She apologizes to everyone who’s hurt.

Actor Kok-Hwa Lie was one of the MOL viewers who reacted angry on Twitter last night.

This afternoon AVROTROS made excuses on social media. โ€œIn episode seven of Who is the Mole we are ashamed of. The candidates came back to it immediately after the game because they realized that this is hurtful.โ€

The broadcaster apologizes and will adjust the episode as soon as possible.