Parties want to make more hurry with cabinet formation

VVD, D66 and CDA want to hurry up with the cabinet formation. โ€œI think the Netherlands will not understand if this is going to take a long time,โ€ said VVD leader Rutte after his conversation with Informer Hamer. It received today the leaders of the largest political parties.

Two months after the elections, the parties have not made much progress. โ€œThe most important thing is that we are going to make real urgent now,โ€ said Rutte.

D66 leader Kaag believes that there should be a new cabinet before the summer. โ€œThat is our ambition and our commitment,โ€ she said at the end of her conversation. When asked which coalition partners she thinks of, Kaag said: โ€œWe want a cabinet as stable and progressive as possible. I have previously mentioned GroenLinks, PvdA, VVD and CDA as an example.โ€

The coalition agreement should become โ€œnot a notarial deedโ€, which sets out all kinds of things. Kaag strives for an agreement on the main lines. โ€œYou can set frameworks for the policy, not whole pages. It is about the attitude of the parties. The will to come out together.โ€

According to Rutte, it would be โ€œvery niceโ€ if the new cabinet was on the shelves before the summer. He did not comment on the question of exactly what that coalition should look like. โ€œAt least the winners, VVD and D66. And we prefer to work with the CDA.โ€

The leader of that party, Hoekstra, said for the first time after his conversation that he takes into account the fact that his party is going to join again. โ€œI can imagine that we are going into the opposition, but also that we are going into the cabinet.โ€

‘Forward with the goat’

Hoekstra wants to discuss the content of the formation with a large group of eight to nine parties. Besides VVD, D66 and his own party, he also thinks of PvdA, GroenLinks, ChristenUnie, SGP and JA21.

When the informer reports on this round in three weeks‘ time, it is up to the fifteen CDA MPs to decide whether the party would like to board a new coalition. But until then, as far as Hoekstra is concerned, there is still a large group of candidate government parties who may be able to agree on a number of major problems that need to be dealt with quickly. โ€œI think a lot of people will think, โ€œGo ahead with the goat.โ€

PvdA not without GreenLinks

On the left, the parties are even more restrained. After her interview, the Ploumen Ploumen said that the content should be looked at. โ€œA new cabinet should invest mainly in people. Should it come to the point where we join, not without GroenLinks.โ€

Green Left foreman Klaver also had the message that his party will continue to hold the PvdA. โ€œWe are only stepping into a cabinet as progressive as possible.โ€

Segers: not the turn

Christian Union leader Segers does not think it is obvious at this time that his party will be rejoined. As far as he is concerned, there will be โ€œa credible break with the pastโ€. This means: a whole new cabinet, with other parties, that can work on a new culture of governance with a more open collaboration with the House of Representatives.

In terms of size, there are nine parties larger than the Christian Union, said Segers this morning after his conversation with Informer Hamer. And a minority cabinet is fine as far as he is concerned. In his view, this might fit better in a time of dualism, in which more subjects need to be discussed with the Chamber.

SP leader Marijnissen does not see any role for her party in the new coalition at this time. โ€œOur modesty fits,โ€ she says after a loss of five seats in the elections. She thinks it is up to the winning parties D66 and VVD to take the lead. In any case, she does not want to be in a cabinet where the current demissionary Prime Minister is once again in charge. โ€œThe SP is not going to help a cabinet of Mark Rutte get a majority.โ€


does the Party for the Animals in any case want to be in a cabinet Rutte IV. Party leader Ouwehand says that citizens’ confidence in the government cannot be restored with โ€œa prime minister lying to the Chamberโ€. According to her, the VVD is holding the formation hostage by detaining Rutte as party leader. โ€œIt‘s not CDA MP Omtzigt who does that.โ€

Opposition leader Wilders (PVV) went mainly for the form to Hamer. โ€œIf I’m asked, I‘ll come. But the cards have been shaken long ago, it’s a political charade.โ€ Wilders expects VVD, D66, CDA and PvdA to form the new cabinet under Prime Minister Rutte.

Recovery after corona

Informer Hamer received today the leaders of the largest parties in the House of Representatives. She spoke with them in particular about how they perceive the recovery after the coronacrisis.

It is the fourth time after the elections on 17 March that the group chairmen have been able to present their ideas for the formation. They already did that with the scouts Jorritsma and Ollongren and then twice at InformateurOh, well, Willink.