Party leader BBB under attack for old tweets, herself she speaks of a hate campaign

Party leader Caroline van der Plas of the BoerburgerMovement (BBB) says that there was a hate campaign against her on social media after her discussion with Sylvana Simons van Bij1, yesterday in Jinek‘s talk program.

In the aftermath on social media old tweets of Van der Plas from 2013 were explored about the Gaypride and about Zwarte Piet. In a tweet from August 2013, Van der Plas critically criticized the dosing of participants in the Gaypride. In the message on Twitter from December 2013, she links Nelson Mandela and Zwarte Piet.

โ€œIt is suggested that I am homophobic. I cast this far from meโ€, says Van der Plas.

Read the literal text from the 2013 tweets here:

โ€œThe great ruin has begun,โ€ says Van der Plas. Her party, like Sylvana Simons, came with one seat in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Yesterday Van der Plas asked the Bij1 leader in the RTL program Jinek whether the party is not focusing too much on a small target group. โ€œYou say you are superleft, but you are a representative of 17 million people,โ€ says the BBB woman against Simons.

On the other hand, he argued that Van der Plas and her BBB at least give the impression that they mainly represent the farmers. Afterwards, Twitter published retweets of Van der Plas from 2013, which were shared by many.

In her response, Van der Plas refers to passages from BBB’s election programme. The programme states that racism and discrimination are prohibited and punishable and that colour, age, origin, sexual orientation and religion should not matter.

Hate campaign

The BBB leader believes that everyone can disagree with her and criticize. โ€œBut I only conduct the discussion with an open mind and not through a social media hate campaign.โ€

Van der Plas removes the mentioned tweets, according to his own claim to protect her immediate environment from hostile reactions.