‘Party Mom’ (47) Busted from California Over Wild Sex Parties For Her Teenage Son and Boyfriends

A mother of 47 from the U.S. state of California has been arrested for hosting wild sex parties for her 15-year-old son and his friends. During those evenings she would have sprinkled with condoms and alcohol. The young partygoers drank so much that some knocked out.

According to prosecutors, 47-year-old Shannon O‘Connor from Los Gatos gave her son’s friends as much vodka and whiskey as they wanted. She also watched the teenagers have sex with each other. The man of the house knew nothing about the wild party nights, where the 14- and 15-year-olds were so drunk that they had to ‘throw up, no longer able to walk and unconscious, ‘according to the indictment that American media is writing about. โ€œIt took a lot of courageous children to step forward and resolve this very disturbing case,โ€ District Attorney Jeff Rosen says in a statement. According to him, the children were โ€œendangered.โ€ โ€œAs a parent, I‘m deeply shocked.โ€

O’Connor has been arrested in Ada County, Idaho after she was fleeing. She is charged with a whopping 39 offences, including child abuse and abuse. She managed to keep the parties a secret for months. Court documents state that she prompted the teens to have sex countless times, for example by giving condoms to boys and pushing them into a room where a numbered girl was lying. In one of those cases, a drunk girl fled into the bathroom and locked herself in. Other girls would have been threatened and attacked by bad boys as well.


โ€œIt‘s terrible what she did to my daughter and all those other kids,โ€ a mother tells Mercury News. โ€œThis is the worst nightmare for a parent.โ€

The house O’Connor rented appeared to have suffered nine thousand dollars damage. Nearby cameras show partying teenagers throw up and stumble on and around the grounds and even run off in their 40s car.