‘Party program PvdD disappointing’

As an ex-member of the Party for the Animals (PvdD), I am shocked by their new party program, writes Rob Koelewijn.

The PvdD wants to reduce the herd by 75 percent and build 1 million new homes on the vacated agricultural land.

In the future vision of the PvdD, we see no longer grazing cows in the Dutch pastures but houses.

Meadows that are so important for (migratory) birds insects, amphibians and everything for even more of what breathes, the PvdD wants to make it disappear.

The PvdD wants to build these pastures with concrete, stones, roads and more concrete, in order to get 1 million houses


Now I am thinking again about becoming a member of the PvdD, and then immediately terminate my membership.

Have they gone crazy there, to trade in pastures for new buildings?

That then calls itself with drying eyes the Party FOR the Animals.

Rob Coolewijn