Passers-by pick up banknotes after plofkraak Germany

After the hit on a cash machine on NeustraรŸe in Herzogenrath, just across the border of Kerkrade, several passers-by picked up and took notes lying around.

Thats what the Akense police reports.

Persons who took money were captured on CCTV footage.

They will be prosecuted by criminal law. The police speak of a deadly action because after a hit, there is always a risk that another explosive could go off.

The plofkraak in the German border town of Herzogenrath took place at the Pentecost weekend, on the night from Sunday to Monday.

Big havoc

The plofkraak caused a great havoc. For example, debris were scattered far in the area and the pops of the creak were heard in the wide circumference. On pictures it can be seen that a sidewall was knocked out by the bang. Witnesses reported to DeccEit that the suspects fled on scooters to Limburg. No suspects have been apprehended yet.

The German police are investigating the case.