Pasveer convinces again: ‘He has a very good chance of becoming first goalkeeper’

Remko Pasveer has a โ€œvery goodโ€ chance of becoming the first goalkeeper in the Orange, says Rafael van der Vaart. After the game with Belgium, the former international became even more convinced of the qualities that Pasveer has.
Pasveer was once again given the chance below the bar with the Netherlands against Belgium. The experienced goalie also kept the zero again. Van der Vaart has been sold. โ€œThis is an experienced guy. I really think he makes an impression,โ€ he says at DecceIT. โ€œIf you don‘t want to take him to the World Cup or see him as the first goalkeeper, you shouldn’t let him play today. I do think he has a very good chance of becoming the first goalkeeper.โ€
Pierre van Hooijdonk was a bit more negative about Pasveer in the past, but he too is quite enthusiastic after the match against Belgium. โ€œI found him making a really good impression today. I have nothing against Remko Pasveer, I really like it when you make your debut in the Dutch national team at the age of 38 and get a second game.โ€