Pasveer talks about Gorter at Ajax: ‘I and Stekelenburg like that too’

Remko Pasveer enjoys Jay Gorter at Ajax. The GoAhead Eagles goalkeeper is a lot younger than Pasveer and Maarten Stekelenburg, but still the three form a close-knit goalkeeper group.
In an extensive interview with Football International, Pasveer talks about Ajaxs goalkeeper guild, consisting of himself, the currently injured Stekelenburg and Gorter. โ€œJay is the younger brother, haha,โ€ Pasveer laughs. โ€œNo, craziness, of course theres a big generation gap between him and us, but thats a good thing to experience. Jay is a really nice boy and a good goalkeeper.โ€
โ€œHe can be quite capricious at times, that he has his word ready, we like that tooโ€, a positive Pasveer continues. โ€œThen the trainer says something and Jay responds directly to that. Then Maarten and I look at each other and we laugh. We recognize something of ourselves in that when we were so young. We sometimes call Jay down, but he
s young and talented, thats part of it.โ€
The experienced goalkeeper sees potential at Gorter, but the youth international must make sure he gets all his talent out of it. โ€œHe can still grow a lot, has to learn to invest in his body, and I certainly see a bright future for him. Hopefully he will be the first goalkeeper here in a while.โ€