Patches for some PS3 games stopped loading before the upcoming store closure

Users of the PSN Profiles forum found problems with downloading patches for games on PS3 โ€” a situation arose after reports of the imminent closure of the digital store for the console. Now there are about 30 positions in the list – some of them will not be updated at all, most of it is about disk versions, while others give errors depending on the region. kinda like Battlefield 4, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Dirt 2, Dantes Inferno, Dark Void, Fuel, Gran Turismo 5, Just Cause 2, LittleBigPlanet, Need for Speed: Shift, SOCOM 4, Twisted Metal and White Knight Chronicles.

The full list is available on the forum โ€” it is gradually expanding. In some cases, unavailability of patches means the inability to receive trophies and access to network functions.

Sony did not have time to comment on the situation. PS Store closure for PS3 will happen on July 2 โ€” after that console owners will not be able to purchase hundreds of games.

Around one time with this will close and stores for PSP and PS Vita – in general, more than two thousand positions will be removed from the sale. More on CCeit Mortal Kombat showed the best start of rental in Russia during the pandemic โ€œGodzilla vs.

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