Path of Exile creators pledge not to let streamers skip the queue

Grinding Gear Games studios had to apologise to players following the release of the โ€œUltimatumโ€ supplement to Path of Exile. The game has previously experienced problems with server stability, mainly after the installation of large extensions. But this case turned out to be a complete catastrophe.

The leading developer Path of Exile posted a post on Reddit in which he apologized for technical problems: immediately after the release of โ€œUltimatumโ€ on the servers were formed queues, which in addition, practically did not absorb. That was the reason: the developers forgot to start the background process of โ€œgradual migrationโ€, because of what all status changes were carried out in real time.

To solve the problem, the Ritual-Standard migration was completely disabled to then be carried out separately. But after that there was a new problem: players were constantly thrown out of the server.

In addition, the creators of Path of Exile managed to finally spoil the mood of players, skipping without any queue of streamers . As it turned out, some broadcast hosts ordered two hours of showing a new add-on, and that the limited time did not disappear in vain, for them made a preferential login.

Developers recognized that this decision was unfortunate: angry with technical problems, players were offered to watch someone enjoy the game, passing all the difficulties. In the future, they promised to better think about marketing campaigns – and most importantly, to try to do without queues.

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