Paul de Leeuw presents daily Song Festival Show

Paul de Leeuw presents the Open Up Daily talk show every day in the online Eurovision Village. In the show there will be several artists including triple song festival winner Johnny Logan, Sergey Lazarev, Keiino and OG3NE.

โ€œ In Open Up Daily, the talk show that is on show all over the world, I talk to my guests about everything that is happening around the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdamโ€, says De Leeuw. โ€œWe talk about the latest news, but also about everything there is to see in Rotterdam. And of course there is a lot of music every day, a lot of music.โ€

The first broadcast on Monday 17 May is dedicated to inclusivity and is in line with the theme of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest: Open Up. They talk about issues such as diversity, prejudice and being yourself. Among others, Lisa van Ginneken, the first member of the Transgender Chamber, and Thorn Roos de Vries, non-binary activist and drag king, are guests.

OG3NE will be joining the Irish Johnny Logan on 18 May. Wednesday, the Russian entry of 2016, Sergey Lazarev, will turn to the studio. On Friday, KeiIno, Norways 2019 entry, will be guest. The line-up for Saturday 22 May will be announced later this week.