Payday 3 Still Looking for a Publisher

Starbreeze and studio OVERKILL Software published the first Payday Developer Diary in the new year 2. In the video, the authors noted that the number of members of the Steam-community Payday 2 exceeded 7 million people. At the same time, only in January, the number of new subscribers reached 100 thousand.

Also, the developers said that in the future Payday 2 players are waiting for a new major update, in which they will go to San Francisco. Except The video featured the interim executive director of Starbreeze.

Tobias Sjegren, who previously worked at Paradox Interactive and headed DICE studio at the time of the release of the first Battlefield. Sjegren noted that Starbreeze was still looking for a suitable publisher for Payday 3.

In May last year, it was revealed that negotiations with potential publishers were difficult because of the pandemic. More on Igamania New teaser-trailer Annie for Skullgirls 2nd Encore Nintendo Report: almost 80 million Switch and over 530 million copies of games In Fortnite there was Snake Ize from the GI Joe Squad.