Payment scheme on the shovel to prevent new drama

Faster and more generously compensate the supplement parents, finally take the payment scheme and send much more information to the House of Representatives. With that recipe, the discontinued cabinet wants to repair the damage caused by the payment affair and prevent such a major tragedy from happening again.

The first step the cabinet took before Christmas is to compensate the parents more broadly. All the victims get 30,000 euros anyway. Whoever is entitled to more, gets more. Those who actually got too much, dont have to pay back anything. In addition, cooperation with municipalities is sought to mitigate the other damage caused by parents, for example if they have been evicted, lost their jobs or have accumulated large debts.

In addition, the system of payment, which has never really worked properly, must be put in place. Secretary of State Van Huffelen (Finance) recently presented a number of options to achieve this, and most political parties have plans for it. That must be done on the formation table after the elections.

There is also extra money, how much is not yet in the first cabinet response, going to the implementing organizations to help people. At the Tax Administration this year there will be more places where people can come along with questions and requests for help.

And at the great criticism from the Chamber, the poor information provision, there is also change. In the future, the Cabinet says that decisions from the Council of Ministers should be published immediately. And when a decision is made, all the pieces that have been carried with it go out, without having been lavish in it.