Pbid optimistic about US in first speech to Congress

American President Biden has taken an optimistic tone in his first speech to Congress. In a speech of over an hour to Members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, Biden, who will be President for 100 days tomorrow, outlined his plans for infrastructure, jobs, families, arms laws, immigration and technological innovation.

Bidens speech in the Chamber of the House of Representatives, in which, due to coronameasures, only 200 attendees were present, began with a historic moment. For the first time, two women were behind a president in a speech to Congress: Vice President Kamala Harris and President of the House Nancy Pelosi. Biden pointed out that fact directly by saying that it was โ€œhigh timeโ€ for this.

โ€œAmerica is moving again.โ€

He then talked about the โ€œcountry in crisisโ€ which he said he inherited in January, referring to among other things the coronapandemic and the unrest following the Capitol Storming on 6 January.

But now, according to him, America is โ€œmovingโ€ again:

In the success of the 1900 billion dollar corona aid package, he said. He called the vaccination campaign one of the greatest logistical successes in the history of the country.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of possibilities to turn โ€œadversity into strengthโ€. Biden is, according to his own words, more optimistic than ever about the US. For example, he advocates mega-investments of thousands of billions of dollars in sustainability, infrastructure and technology. According to him, this leads to jobs and keeps the US leading on the world stage.

โ€œ We will see more technological changes over the next decade than we have seen in the last fifty years. It is so fast and we are lagging behind the rest of the world,โ€ said Biden, emphasising that we are not looking for conflicts with countries such as China and Russia.

Applause from Democrats, Republicans Stoic

He also talked about his plans for a higher minimum wage and โ€œmore reasonableโ€ weapons laws, for example by making heavy firearms less readily available. โ€œBecause a deer doesnt wear a bulletproof vest.โ€

The President also wants to free hundreds of billions for more accessible education, tax cuts for poorer families and more affordable healthcare. โ€œBecause health care must be a right in America, not a privilege,โ€ says Biden. The plans have to be paid through, among other things, higher taxes for the richest and large companies.

They were proposals for which he received loud applause from the Democrats present, while Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell looked stoically in front of him.


The president did make a handlebar to the Republicans. For example, he proposed to stop the war on immigration and advocated legislation for the so-called dreamers, the 650,000 migrants who came to the United States as children of illegal migrants. Bids: โ€œAnd if you dont like my plans, lets assume what we do agree on.โ€

In addition, before 25 May – the day George Floyd died after a cop kneeling on his neck for minutes – he would like to find โ€œconsensusโ€ in Congress on police reform.

Biden also pointed out that job and infrastructure plans have traditionally been supported by politicians from both sides. โ€œSo lets get to work. Id like to present my plans to Congress before we start having in-depth discussions about this. And I am open to ideasโ€, to immediately send a warning: โ€œThe world is not waiting for us. We cant keep fighting each other and forget about the rest of the world.โ€