Peak Online Aliens: Fireteam Elite on Steam Drops Below Thousand Players

Aliens: Fireteam Elite couldnt hold the audience for long โ€” seven weeks after its release, the cooperative shooter is playing fewer than a thousand people. The online peak was 15,550 thousand users, and in the first week, the game steadily logged on to 10,000 people. But during the last 24 hours of rush visits dropped to 941 players.

The reasons for the drop in interest are the lack of new content, the low number of updates and the release of Back 4 Blood, which could distract Audience. Aliens: Fireteam Elite has moderately positive reviews on Metacritic and Steam, but it seems to have not been enough for long-term user retention.

The last major update for the project came back in early September. More on Ridley Scotts The Last Duel Gamemania failed in Valves rental ban blockchain games on Steam, but help came from Epic Games Results Minecraft Live 2021:โ€ ; wildโ€ update, seasonal adventures in Dungeons.