PEC gate shutter turmoil: “I dont let myself be destroyed by anyone”

Mike Willems (right in the picture), technical manager of PEC Zwolle, is under fire. Supporters group FEU has resurrected his trust in him, but the astonished Willems itself remains combative.
A conversation Willems had with the supporters showed the opposite. Then they expressed confidence in me and Art Langeler, he tells De Stentor. We even broke up with a high five and a hug. Through the app, they later said it was a good conversation. In fact, they even said, Firing someone now, theres no point whatsoever. So do you think its crazy that Im surprised?
The supporters collective believes that the technical manager of the Blue Fingers is hitting flaters on the transfer market. The protagonist cannot agree with that. Then they
re talking about guys who were bought for record amounts and walk out the door for free. Or be rented or sold at a low price. Like Van Duinen, Van Crooij, Leemans, Flemming. But I didnt even make it to those players!
The criticism does something to him, but Willems is combative and doesn
t want to know about neighborhoods. I put my soul and bliss in this club seven days a week and do so for the supporters. Yes, I hate, just like anyone who cares about the club, that we are last. Am I sick to death. Because I see that the player group works hard every day. But I never give up. Im not going to be smashed by anyone.