‘PEC wants one and a half tons of stories on a company that had to treat natural turf. ‘

PEC Zwolle tries to recover the costs it has incurred to restore the field from a company that has previously carried out repairs. The turf in the stadium of the Blauwvingers was not too good at the beginning of this season.

PEC switched to natural grass last summer, but there were some complications. โ€œWe noticed that there were weeds in certain places on the field,โ€ says operational manager Jeroen van Leeuwen to De Stentor. โ€œWe then switched with parties and they indicated that there was a treatment for it. That happened, but in certain places it didnt go well, so the field was no longer green.โ€
The players also suffered from the quality of the field and decent football was, according to PEC captain Bram of Poland, almost impossible. โ€œAfter Christmas, two machines have entered the field, which have been plugged in artificial grass fibres for two days,โ€ explains Van Leeuwen. โ€œIt is now not an artificial grass field, but natural grass with artificial grass as a aid for strength and stability. We immediately noticed that against AZ.โ€
However, the Stentor knows that PEC is trying to recover the cost of strengthening the field on the company that tried to get rid of the weeds. It would be about a ton and a half.