PEC Zwolle puts John Stegeman on idle

PEC Zwolle put trainer John Stegeman on idle after the 3-2 defeat Saturday night at FC Emmen. He would leave at the end of the season anyway, but PEC Zwolle has already said goodbye to Stegeman. This has been decided by the club because of ‘the disappointing sporting performance, which can be read on the website of the Zwollenaren. The current number 13 of the Eredivisie is 10 points above the demotion line.

The 44-year-old Stegeman was working on his second season at PEC Zwolle. His team was in 15th place last season when the competition was demolished because of the coronapandemic. At the end of December, when PEC Zwolle took eleventh place, the club announced that it would say goodbye to Stegeman at the end of the season. All parties wanted to finish the season together, but it doesn‘t get that far.

PEC Zwolle was already looking for a trainer for next season, but technical manager Mike Willems has to fill out a vacancy for the short term. โ€œSome trainers prefer not to enter until the summer, so it might be that we are looking for someone for the short term. But it is also possible that we are already capturing a trainer for this season and after,โ€ says Willems.

Gertjan Verbeek

Willems confirms that the club rose Gertjan Verbeek, with whom PEC Zwolle recently had an orientation conversation, is still a serious candidate. โ€œWe didn’t call him off. Gertjan is free and he‘s on the list. We’re also going to look at a list of options to finish the season.โ€

The leadership of PEC Zwolle decided to intervene on Saturday after the defeat at FC Emmen (3-2). Stegeman received an app from Willems with the request to visit the office when he returned to Zwolle. โ€œThen he probably felt the message coming. We told him that we are not going to finish the season together.โ€

After the winter stop, the club from Overijssel won only one match, with Willem II (1-3). โ€œWe have left points against teams that we should have won. Like recently against RKC and now at Emmen. This was the straw,โ€ said the technical manager, who sucks that it ends like this. โ€œWhen you think someone‘s a bastard, it’s not so hard to say goodbye to them. But John is a good man and a fine colleague.โ€

PEC Zwolle went down on Saturday at FC Emmen, the club that had not won this season. โ€œYou can lose because your opponent is much better, but you must have done everything you can,โ€ said the visibly angry Stegeman immediately after the game in Emmen.

โ€œ We let ourselves eat the cheese from the bread. If you look at ferocity, at dueling, at what they did to score goals and what we did, then that‘s just way too little. This cannot and must not happen. Our performance curve is not very stable at the moment. With all due respect to Emmen, we must at least show the same fighting spirit. Then we have a chance to win. If not, you’ll be ripped off. It doesn‘t matter if it’s against Emmen, against Ajax or anyone else, you have to do that every game. I thought we were too sweet, too matte, too nice. It just wasn‘t right. That’s not how you win a match in the Eredivisie.โ€