“Peña stands for transfer to Sweden, Emmen earns just under 1 million”

According to Swedish tabloid Expressen, Sergio Peña stands for a transfer to Malmö FF. FC Emmen would receive a transfer sum of ten million Swedish Kronor, converted around 980,000 euros.
Emmen and Malmö and Peña and Malmö are not quite agreeing about a transfer yet. Expressen says its about the last details. When it all comes to the end, Peña only needs to be medically tested. The 25-year-old Peruvian needs to be presented at Malmö in the short term.
As it stands, Emmen receives just under one million euros for Peña. The midfielder has also been linked to a switch to Spain in the past few weeks. Peña has another one-year contract with Emmen. So if the Drenteans want to earn something from the eighteen-time international, it seems necessary to sell him this summer.
Malmö takes action against Rangers FC in the heat of the Champions League on Tuesday night. At least Peña will not (yet) be in the party.