Penaltymisser Redan low in shabby edition of PEC Zwolle-RKC

PEC Zwolle has its first point under trainer Dick Schreuder. Saturday nights home game against RKC Waalwijk has ended in a goalless draw: PEC got the biggest chance of a win, but Daishawn Redan missed a penalty kick.
For rest, little to nothing happened in the game between the numbers eighteen and fifteen of the Netherlands. The first chance was created only at the moment of peace, which was immediately a big one. Luka Adzic โ€” early in for Kenneth Paal โ€” had the opportunity to break open the game twice in a row, but first came across Etienne Vaessen and then Kenneth Paal.
In the beginning of the second half, Jens Odgaard still came close to 0-1, before PEC got the best chance of the match. Arbitrator Joey Kooij saw a violation of Ahmed Touba on Mustafa Saymak and pointed to the penalty spot. Redan was allowed to build, but shot the ball high.
Both clubs then had half an hour to do something about the tie, but eventually had to satisfy themselves with one point: half a chance for Odgaard in a promising position was the final piece of a little uplifting spectacle. PEC remains gate shutter, but runs one point into Fortuna Sittard: because the Limburgers lost to FC Groningen earlier in the evening, the gap between the number last and last is now four points. RKC puts number sixteen Sparta on two points.

Houses high over! ๐Ÿ  Daishawn Redan misses the chance of a lead for @PECZwolle ๐Ÿ˜ฎ #PECRKC from the dot
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) November 27, 2021