Pentagon has no explanation for perceived UFOs

U.S. Army and security services specialists have no explanation for the observations of UFOs by defense pilots. A report by the Ministry of Defense released on it states that there is insufficient data to determine whether it is terrestrial technology or atmospheric or alien phenomena.

The report, which the Pentagon presented to Congress, describes 144 โ€œunidentified aerial phenomenaโ€ (UAPs). The oldest dates back to 2004.

Some of them were already known from videos released by the Pentagon. It featured enigmatic โ€œaircraftโ€ moving unprecedented fast and unprecedented agile, without clear how they are powered.

American air force pilots filmed these unidentified flying objects (UFOs) during practice flights.

When asked whether it could be alien aircraft, a senior official tells Reuters news agency: โ€œWe have no clear evidence that there is an alien explanation for them, but were investigating everything the information points to.โ€

An explanation has been found for only one of 144 observations. According to Reuters source, it was about โ€œmessโ€ in the air. Of the remaining 143 cases, according to the report, it is unclear whether or not they are of extraterrestrial origin.