Pentagon scrapes all construction projects border wall Trump

The U.S. Department of Defense has deleted all construction projects for former President Donald Trump‘s southern border wall, reported the Pentagon Friday. The construction of the highly controversial wall, intended to keep immigrants out, was funded with defence money.

Trump managed to unlock the Pentagon budget for the project by declaring the situation at the border as an emergency.

In January, the current President Joe Biden announced that he would put an end to the construction of the border wall. โ€œIn conjunction with the president’s proclamation, the Ministry of Defense will end all construction projects for a border wall paid with money originally intended for other military missions,โ€ said a Pentagon spokesman on Friday. โ€œToday‘s action shows the commitment of this government to defend our country and support our military and their families,โ€ the spokesman added.

Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015 with the promise to build a wall on the American-Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it. Mexico refused, however, and also from the House of Representatives, where the Democrats won the majority in 2018, Trump didn’t get a penny for his wall. In the end, Trump bypassed parliament and made the controversial decision to pay the wall with Pentagon money, forcing the Ministry of Defense to free billions of dollars for the project.