‘People don’t know that Van Gaal is so warm and fun, he’s always joking’

Denzel Dumfries is happy with Louis van Gaal as national coach for the Dutch national team. The Internazional Back thinks that many people dont know the real Van Gaal.
Dumfries has been a fixture at the Dutch Team since the European Championships last year. He acknowledges that he had to grow mentally. โ€œBefore the European Championships, I had a lot of conversations with Memphis, where he indicated what I can bring to his eyes. That he is so busy with me gives me confidence. I appreciate the Orange,โ€ says the full-back to De Cceit.
Apart from Memphis, Dumfries also speaks highly of Van Gaal. โ€œThe fact that the national coach praises me for my commitment, power and running ability is nice. Under him, I can become a better player. But for that, I have to give everything to every training.โ€ That
s what Dumfries tries to do as a club as well as with the national team. โ€œI really like the collaboration with Mr. Van Gaal. I only knew him from TV and from his wonderful career as a trainer. But being able to work with him as a player is fantastic. People who dont know him dont know that hes so hot and funny. During every meeting, he does make a joke.โ€