People from Afghanistan flew to the Netherlands again

In Eindhoven, people from Afghanistan have arrived again after a charter flight from Pakistan. This time it concerns a group of 184 people, who did not all have valid travel documents.

The flight was organized by the Netherlands. Those affected were unable to leave Afghanistan before, but they were allowed to transit through Pakistan after that country made an exception to the rules on travel documents.

It is the fourth charter flight in this way, following the Talibans takeover of power in Afghanistan almost a year ago. Previously, there were similar flights in January, March and July.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, a total of 700 people from Afghanistan have now been brought to the Netherlands with such charters with the help of the Pakistani authorities.

Last month, the ministry said it cannot estimate how many people can be flown in total with help from Pakistan. But the Foreign Office also said it remains committed to transferring as large a proportion of the people who are eligible as possible.