Peoples Protest Georgia after Cameraman Death at Homomars

Thousands of people, especially young people, have taken to the streets in Georgia to demand the governments departure after a cameraman died. That Sunday succumbed to the injuries he had suffered in an abuse by a far-right group during an LGBTI march in the capital Tbilisi. Prime Minister Irakli Garibasjvili had spoken against the Pride march. Its been restless in the country all week.

His employer, TV channel Pirveli, reports that Aleksandr Lashkarava was found dead in his bed. He was mistreated on Monday by a group arguing against a Pride march that LGBTI activists wanted to keep at the parliament of the Caucasian, Christian Orthodox country.

The violence forced the LGBTI activists to delete the march. More than fifty journalists were attacked by opponents of the LGBTI action. The 37-year-old Lashkarava suffered severe fractures in the face. Prime Minister Irakli Garibasjvili was criticized for his remark that the trip would be โ€œunacceptable to a large part of societyโ€.

Press Freedom

Among other things, press organization Reporters Without Borders accused Georgian authorities of passivity and claimed that the police had failed to protect journalists. The US and the EU have condemned attacks on journalists and called on the perpetrators to justice.

The Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday an investigation into the death of Lashkarava. Prime Minister Garibasjvili has condoled his family and colleagues. He talked on Facebook about an โ€œincredible tragedy.โ€

Human rights activists and opposition members do not settle for this and demand Prime Minister Garibasjvilis departure. His party Georgian Dream is partly responsible for violence against journalists.

On Sunday evening, 8000 mostly young people had gathered at parliament.