Perez and De Boer bales after Ajax loss: “I have to deal with him and his parents”

Kenneth Perez and Ronald de Boer feel sorry for Kjell Scherpen. The 21-year-old goalkeeper of Ajax blundered against AS Roma (1-2) on his Europa League debut.
Scherpen went horribly wrong with a free kick of Lorenzo Pellegrini, which brought Ajax next to Roma. Hes in the corner too fast. As a result, he actually gets too far past the ball, while it is a dramatic free kick, says Perez. I have to deal with him and his parents, because its not nice to see your son like this. He finally gets a chance, and then this happens… Let us not forget that Tadics blunder (missed penalty, red.) is the same. A goalkeeper is the dick when things go wrong.
Ronald de Boer thinks that Sharpen did pretty well for the rest. But this is a heretic, and you will be paid for it. I know what it
s like to be a family. This is terrible, says the ESPN analyst, who says Sharpen missed a golden opportunity. He had the chance to take the next step to adulthood and silence his critics, but now hes taking another step back.

AS Roma comes on 1-1 after a free kick of Lorenzo Pellegrini and a mistake by Kjell Scherpen. #ajarom #UEL
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) April 8, 2021