Perez card problem Haller: Hes a huge worker

Kenneth Perez states that Sébastien Haller is a ‘huge worker’. According to the Danish analyst, this is also one of the reasons why Haller leaves a moderate impression during the last races.
It seems as if he has a character trait that is not ideal for an absolute killer: he is a huge worryer, says Perez at Dit was the Weekend. He‘s super critical of his own game, I think. In his head he already sees what he wants to do with the ball, but his feet just don’t react.
My colleague Mario Been was also critical of Haller, after his performance against PEC. It was as if he was on a football field for the first time, he says. Apart from the fact that he has already made eight goals and given six assists, to name something positive, we can say that he had a total off-day today. Simple bounce balls went wrong, he had no idea what was going on around him, and he had a negative body language throughout the game.
Haller needed 14 duels to get to those eight goals and six assists. The last duels show the 26-year-old striker only unhappy, which is increasingly critical to him.