Perez cracks Ajax and Onana

Kenneth Perez thinks Andre Onana ‘schofterig’. Ajax‘s suspended goalkeeper refuses to renew his contract, much to the annoyance of the ESPN analyst. He also cracks the choices of the Ajax leadership.
Perez starts his account by stating that โ€œplayers have the power.โ€ โ€œSupporters must accept that,โ€ said the former player of Ajax, PSV and AZ at Dit Was Het Weekend, among others. Perez then addresses Ajax. โ€œIf a player behaves so ridiculously towards a club, in this case Ajax, I think it’
s a weakness bid for him to be enrolled in the Champions League and if I hear Erik ten Hag, maybe go keeptoo.โ€
โ€œOnana has been greatly helped by Ajax, despite being the cause of his suspension. Ajax helped him on all sides, paid his salary, helped with the lawsuit… And then Onana‘s answer is: no sorry, I’m not going to renew and leave transferfree.โ€
Yet Onana seems to have a new chance from Ajax now. โ€œI think it‘s a weakness bid for them to lock him in arms and enroll him in the Champions League. Before you know it, it’s also under the bar. Then the power is completely on the players and the direction is completely gone. This is apparently reality. Ajax should have made a statement: you stay here until the end of your contract, but don‘t play a minute.โ€

Kenneth Perez thinks Andrรฉ Onana has behaved as shabby towards @AFCAjax. ๐Ÿ˜ค โ€œAjax could have made a statement. You’ll stay until the end of contract, but you won‘t play here for a minute.โ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 12, 2021

The story is now known: in early February, Onana was suspended for a year due to taking a forbidden water pill. The suspension was eventually shortened, which would allow him to play games again from November. โ€œAjax was very keen to renew his contract – I advised him that too – but it didn’t work out. A transfer didn‘t work out either,โ€ Ten Hag said Saturday night after the 0-2 PEC Zwolle blew. โ€œBut I have an extremely good relationship with Andre. I am very grateful to him for what he has done for Ajax and me over the past few years. But there’s also a business side to it.โ€